Keeping a Referral Source Referring

Keeping a Referral Source Referring

Imagine you meet with the owner of a local moving company. You end up making a great connection and, weeks later, she recommends you to one of her customers.

Woo hoo! You’ve got a referral. Now, how do you encourage that business owner to keep the referrals coming?

Here are a few proven techniques:

• Add that contact to your database.

• Send them special occasion cards. (Set up an automated reminder in your CRM.)

• Make a big deal out of thanking them every time you get a referral. (Send a card, take them out for lunch, etc.)

• Set up a Google Alert so you’re automatically notified when their business is in the news. Take advantage of any opportunities to congratulate them.

• Follow them on LinkedIn. Pay attention to their posts and, if you can do so authentically, LIKE or COMMENT.

• Add them to your client newsletter list. This reminds them each month of the value you deliver to clients.

• When it benefits your client (not just you), consider recommending the business.

As the saying goes, you get more referrals when you give them. The important thing is to keep growing the relationship.

Stay committed to that, and you might end up with a referral source that is with you for years.