The “Reminder-Ask” Technique for Getting Testimonials

The “Reminder-Ask” Technique for Getting Testimonials

You probably use various strategies for getting testimonials from clients.

Here’s another one for your toolbox: The Reminder-Ask Technique. This one works particularly well if the client said something positive about your services months or years ago.

Here’s how it works… Imagine you’re chatting with a past client. You remember that a few years ago the client had really appreciated how you returned calls and replied to emails promptly. “I never felt out of the loop,” you recall your client saying.

At the time, you didn’t jump on the opportunity to turn that into a testimonial. But there’s still a chance. Using the reminder-ask technique, you simply remind your client of what they said years ago and then ask if you can adapt that as a testimonial.

For example: “Sofia, remember when we worked together, and you pointed out how quickly I returned calls and emails? I really appreciated that compliment because I do strive to get back to clients quickly. Would it be okay if I adapted what you said as a testimonial?”

Try this technique the next time you’re in touch with an old client. Even if it doesn’t result in a testimonial, the client will be reminded of why you’re such a referral-worthy sales associate.